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Xenia and Brian, sailing on the Ionian Sea

Hi there! We’re Xenia Tombrou and Brian Pagán, and we run Ionian Eco Adventures. Here’s our privacy notice.


This website does not track you. If you book a 5-day tour with us though, our bank bunq will process your payment, and the Greek Port Police collects some info on everyone on the boat.

  • We use no cookies, and no ads.
  • Our interactive maps use Mapbox’s API.
  • Our forms are private.
  • We share some data when you buy a ticket.
  • Our newsletter is private.
  • You’re in control of your data here.
  • This website is encrypted and hosted in the EU.

About Us

Ionian Eco Adventures is a partnership between Garbage Art Corfu (Xenia) and The Greatness Studio (Brian).

Ionian Eco Adventures

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Garbage Art Corfu

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The Greatness Studio

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We use no cookies, no trackers, and no ads.

This website doesn’t track your personal data. We don’t use Google Analytics or cookies.

Our interactive maps use Mapbox’s API.

Our interactive maps run on the Mapbox API, which collects some data according to their Privacy Notice.

Our forms are private.

When you write us a message or book a ticket via this website, the data go straight to Xenia and Brian. Everything is encrypted, so nobody else has access.

We share some data when you buy a ticket.

When you buy a ticket and join us on a 5-day tour, here’s what happens with your data:

When you buy a ticket

When you buy a ticket, our bank will process your payment.

Who: bunq bank

What: Payment details

Why: To allow payment by credit card, bank transfer, etc.

When you join a tour

Who: Greek Port Police, a directorate of the Hellenic Coast Guard

What: First name, surname, and passport number of each person on board (including Xenia and Brian)

Why: This is a legal requirement for all ships and boats in Greek water.

Our newsletter is private.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, thank you! This website stores your e-mail address, and we don’t share it with anyone – not MailChimp or anyone else.

You’re in control of your data here.

You have rights, and we respect them! And you may withdraw your consent at any time.

If you’d like to access, correct, or erase your data; or if you’d like to restrict or object to how we process your data, just e-mail us via or via this form.

If you’d like to request access, correction, or erasure from Mapbox, bunq bank, or the Greek port police, please contact them directly.

This website is encrypted and hosted in the EU.

This website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption from Let’s Encrypt. So if someone intercepts any data you send to us, they’ll only see a bunch of unreadable gibberish. Also, this website lives with BIT Datacenter in The Netherlands, European Union.

Thanks for reading!